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What others think of the Sofi sofa.

Ordered a 2-seater, but changed my mind afterwards. We ordered an extra seat and added it. Worked perfectly!

Sophie S.

Picked up my sofa in-store. An hour later we installed everything and were comfortably watching television.

Peter D.

Lovely couch! I ordered the 2- and 3-seater. They were delivered quickly and were easy to install!

Louise N.

Finally a large and cool-looking sofa for my mancave! I couldn't fit anything in there, but because of the different boxes, I could get everything through the door! 🙂

Dietrich T.


Simon L.

Was able to carry this up four flights of stairs! Would have been a lot more difficult with a regular couch!

Alexander B.

I like that I can change my sofa’s style by flipping the cushions! Looks great both ways!

Charlotte V.

I bought the 2-seater and I love it! The sofa is very comfortable and looks good!

Stephen S.

Love it! Great couch, great service!

Sarah P.

I live in a small attic apartment with a very steep staircase. Because Sofi comes in multiple boxes, we were able to carry everything upstairs without much trouble! The installation process went smoothly too.

Jessica A.

I wanted a sofa for my upstairs studio, but couldn’t get anything up there. I ordered a 2-seater sofa, which arrived in three boxes. Because of the small boxes, we were able to get them into the small space!

Daniel H.

My Sofi sofa looks great! Great plus: the back is upholstered!

Hannah F.